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The History of Uplands Playgroup Stroud

Uplands Playgroup has been a part of the community since 1968. The group was initially started by a group of mums: Pat Harris, wife of vicar Jim, Sue Harrison, Nancy Skuse, Gill Marriott and Carol Wilkins. The subsequent 50+ years have seen many volunteers, parents, staff, play leaders, committee members, and of course children - support and help build playgroup to what we see today.

The group was housed first in the crypt, then the All Saints Centre before moving to its current site in the grounds of Uplands School in the 1980's. Recent years have seen big changes to the playroom and gardens as the committee and staff worked hard to fundraise over £40k to renovate the building, playroom and outdoor area.

The community spirit that surrounds Uplands Playgroup is undeniable. It is a place where you meet your best friends for life and then you send your children there and they do the same.



Such wonderful memories of playgroup with Carol! Meeting my best friends who are still my best friends today. Then years later it was always my boys favourite place to go - a very special place.

Thank you so much for the years of helping... learn, play and develop in a lovely environment. It's been great to see how the children took part in all the interesting and creative activities, it really opened up their world! It surely gave us and them the confidence to start big school.

Thank you all for bringing so much fun into learning. Not to mention the endless care you have given our little ones. Uplands Playgroup Rocks.

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