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History of the bus logo

History lesson

One of our curious playgroup members asked a question today and we thought you all may like to know the answer....

Q- why is the playgroup badge a bus?

The bus and balloon logo has been on the playgroup jumpers for nearly 20 years. I originally wondered if the design was based on a double decker bus that was parked near the co- housing for a while but no one was ever able to explain the reason.

The current more colourful version of the logo was updated by a local graphic designer Tasha Goddard- who was a committee member at the time.

We have continued to use the bus logo on all playgroup uniform for children and staff. A red bus was created out of glass to make a mosaic by another local artist about 15 years ago and a red wooden bus was made for the children to play in- recently replaced by a sturdier Timber bus. Some Stroud high students created the mural behind the sand pit with the help of a local artist.

The reason behind the bus logo remained a mystery. One day a supply teacher was working in uplands school. She needed to borrow some art resources so popped into playgroup- ‘oh I’m so pleased to see you still have the bus logo’ she said- clearly delighted to see so much of it represented around the setting. I asked her if she knew the history of it. She told me that she and her husband are both graphic designers and their daughter had attended playgroup over 20 years ago. Their daughter had a love for the song ‘wheels on the bus’ this would be sung as a way to calm her and support her to cope with some situations that made her feel anxious. When her mum and dad were asked to think of a design for a new playgroup uniform they couldn’t think of anything other than a double decker bus and they added the balloons for a fun element.

I think the fact that a former playgroup child and her parents are behind the logo is pretty awesome. I wonder how we can include the bus logo in the playroom in the future?

- Debbi Scobell

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